Cooking is a beautiful practice. 

The kitchen is a place you can always be learning. 
Growing, connecting, and sharing. 
This is the place where you can be supported to create more confidence and ease in your cooking. 
I'm here to teach you how.
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The Communal Table Membership

Want to learn how to really uplevel your cooking and be a part of a fun community? 

The Communal Table is where it's at. 

This membership community is all about helping you learn to stretch yourself in the kitchen and get to come together through food. On top of me teaching you something new every month, we'll have guest experts teaching you how to make beautiful food from all over the world, sharing stories and connecting in a whole new way. We're just getting starting over here so be sure to jump in to help us build this space into something special.

Come Join the Table!



Cooking doesn't have to be complicated. 

It gets to be easy and fun and creative when you let it. 

This course is for you if you want learn the principles AND pleasures of cooking well. 

It's all about cooking with your heart and making life more delicious!



This is for you if you want to join the magical world of sourdough!

Learn the entire process of creating this delicious bread at home. 


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