It's never just about the food. How to be Happy, Healthy AND WHOLE.

healthy living lifestyle Oct 23, 2017
What does healthy mean to you?
I've been talking about this a lot lately. To my clients, and anyone that's willing to give me feedback really. Because as much as I believe eating well is one of the big nuts in the nuts and bolts of being healthy - it's never just about the food. 
You can eat well and exercise regularly until you're blue in the face, but what good is that if you're constantly in a battle with that little voice in your head that's constantly telling you your not good enough?
Or if you wake up every day with a feeling in your stomach that there's got to be something more than this?  
To me, healthy means living a high vibe life on all cylinders - mind, body AND spirit. And no, I'm not saying it's unicorns and rainbows everyday (though that would be kind of fun, right?). Instead it's about knowing yourself enough to move through the waves of life and being able to find joy in every single day, no matter what's happening. 
Sounds simple, right? Simple but not always easy. 
I get it. I've been there. Whew, I've had some dark days which I know we all have. Even thought I was really good about eating well and exercising, I had extremely low self worth in my teens and early 20s which led me down the path of unhealthy relationships, a difficult marriage, and ultimately divorce.
For almost 10 years afterwards I battled the ups and downs of depression and anxiety, constantly struggling to fit in. I had big dreams but wouldn't allow myself to go after them because the story in my head was I wasn't good enough. I played small for a long time, working in jobs I hated, spending time with people who drained me, and making decisions that I now see were really about how little I loved myself.
And then I woke up.

I realized life isn't happening to me but instead it was happening for me. All the events in my life were leading me, (or sometimes kicking me in the ass) to look inside and find my own true health and happiness. To unconditionally love and accept who I am, and to realize I don't have to live my life according to other people's rules.

I get to make my own.
Don't get me wrong, I certainly haven't got it all figured out. I have bad days and I know life's always going to throw me curveballs. The difference is I'm ready to embrace it, not run from it. Because I've found the good stuff and what it's all about:
Nourishing food and movement- because, it's science. 
Master your mindset- you're enough just as you are despite that sometimes negative little voice in your head.
Understand your emotions- move through them, don't stifle them.
Listen to your body- she always knows.
Connection is everything- find YOUR tribe and love them hard. 
Strengthen your spirit- find that thing that's bigger than you. There's more to life than living on autopilot.

That's what healthy means to me. 
Now I didn't get to this place on my own. I've had some amazing mentors and teachers to guide me along the way. If you're looking to for some support to a happier, healthier, whole YOU, let's chat.

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