Fall Pantry Capsule

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2019

Can you feel fall in the air yet? Cozy sweaters, slippers, a warm drink and something cooking low and slow on in the kitchen. Fall is always that time to retreat and hermit a little. Well for me anyways.

I love lazy Sundays reading, listening to the rain outside and cooking a good stew or braised short ribs, or roast chicken.....or......my list could go on but I won't ;)

It's cooler days, warmer foods and more time in the kitchen so we're continuing with my seasonal pantry capsule and yes, we're talking the top 10 staples for Fall so put on your apron and stock up!

Toasted Sesame Oil - This is a great finishing oil to add at the end of your stir fries, thai curries or mixed into a dressing for soba noodles. It has a strong flavour so you don't need alot. 

Harissa Sauce - If you don't know about harissa, you should! This is a spicy middle eastern chili paste that is great on most meats and added into soups and stews. It has an almost smokey flavour and most brands are really spicy so a little goes a long way :) 

Madras Curry Paste - You can buy really good curry pastes nowadays that keep really well in the fridge, almost better than curry powder. I love this a quick shortcut to making curry or using it as a rub on chicken or fish before baking. 

White or Red Kidney Beans - I always have a few cans of these for making all the chilis. 

Stone Ground Cornmeal - I'm officially a transformed polenta fan after finding the right kind of cornmeal. The stoneground gives a great flavour and texture that I never got with buying other kinds. If you've never tried making polenta it's easier than mashed potatoes. I love it as a side dish to roasted or braised meats, anything that has some delicious sauce. Or you can go as simple as some really good panfried mushrooms and a fried egg. 

Walnuts or Pecans - you can add these to salads, they go well with all the apples or pears in your baking or you can toast them with brown sugar and cayenne for a spicy snack/addition to a meat and cheese platter

Whole Nutmeg - this is a game changer for me. Buying whole nutmeg keeps the flavour so much better than the ground spice because most recipes don't call for much. I use a microplane to grate it into baking and it's my secret ingredient in my meat sauce for pasta.

Phyllo Dough - I always make a point of having some phyllo in my freezer in the summer because you can use it for so many things. Savoury with spinach and feta for spanakopita or as a light, crunchy tart sheet for quiche or roasted veggies. Sweet with pear, plums, or apples sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with maple syrup and walnuts or pecans.

And if you're feeling adventurous and want to really get your pantry stocked, grab my full pantry essentials checklist HERE

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