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About Me

Hi Friend! I'm Krista and I'm a chef, cooking instructor, food writer and all around kitchen ninja. I teach you how to cook better and make meals at home fun again! I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and I love food (obviously), fitness, photography, travel and all things outdoors. I'm a huge supporter of farm to table living and am all about real food made simple for your real life!

My Why....

I've always had a passion for food and believe what and how we eat has a direct impact on our body, our mind, our relationships with others, but most importantly with ourselves.

But like most women, I've had my struggles with food and body image over the years.

I used food as a comfort because I didn't have the tools to deal with all the emotions that comes with life's challenges. I remember often times hiding chocolate in my closet and usually coming home and devouring any junk food I could find. I've also been on the other side eating only chicken breasts and cottage cheese because I thought I needed to restrict myself in order to look a certain way.

I had some big 'aha' moments in my 20s when I started to heal myself emotionally after some really big lessons (which is better talked about over a glass of wine). I also started to understand the connection that food had in relation to how I felt and what a difference good food did for my body and my soul.

I had the ability to create something beautiful and nourish my body right there in my kitchen. And I realized the cooking process itself was something that could change everything.


It was as easy as using real, whole ingredients and knowing some basic techniques 

I had been making it all way more complicated than I needed to.

I dove right in and learned everything I could about food, cooking and nutrition. My 'obsession' for food quickly launched a catering and personal chef business where I was able to serve others by helping them to eat well and also to see how much we create community around food. Fast forward to today where (thanks to the internet) I'm able to create programs and courses to help people learn to cook and shift their thinking around food all over the world! 

It's always been important for me to know where my food comes from and what's in it.

If you want to get me fired up, start talking about processed foods and anything that comes in a box where the ingredients look like a something you'd see in a chemical experiment. We're not meant to eat chemicals and the fact that the food industry sells this and calls it food makes me crazy!

And that's exactly why I do what I do.

To help people stop fighting with food, shatter all the misconceptions out there and truly feel empowered to create a healthy, JOYFUL relationship with food again.

Because that's how it should be! And it all starts in our kitchens.

My Vision

I want to do my part in creating a more conscious and connected world and I truly believe that can start at our kitchen tables.

All around the world we gather because of food. We connect over it. It’s where we build community and strengthen relationships not only with others, but with ourselves. And when we’re conscious about what we’re eating, focusing on things that come from the ground or a farm we’re not only making a massive impact on our own long term health and our community, we’re also doing something positive for the planet.


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