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You're in the right place if you want to learn to cook better at home, save time in kitchen, have more fun! You get three opportunities a day to choose pleasure over the mundane so let's make it count. That's what cooking's all about! Life's to short to eat boring food!

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"Cooking is love made visible." - Julia Child

Hi! I'm Krista

I'm a chef, teacher, food writer and all around Kitchen Ninja! I teach you to cook better and make meals at home fun again!


"Krista has helped me plan ahead, make better decisions at the grocery store and declutter my cupboards!! She has always amazed me when I comes to need to go the grocery store before a meal, she just looks in the fridge and pantry and can teach you to make a great, amazing tasty meal in minutes. "


Want to build your confidence in the kitchen? Start with the basics.


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