Cooking Doesn't Have To Be HARD!

What if I told you you're only 5 weeks away from actually loving to cook and being really good at it? And the bonus - you'll feel better, have more energy and have more fun! It is possible and I'm going to show you how. 



Welcome to the Back To Basics Program

It’s time to get back to basics. If you feel like you never really learned to make cooking a habit and the idea of it gives you serious anxiety, I got you!

This is for you if:
You often get overwhelmed in the kitchen and don’t know where to start.
You feel like you’re not a good cook and never will be so why try? 
You feel like cooking takes so much time and never turns out well.
You’ve always wanted to be able to cook well for yourself and your family but never learned how.
You want to stop spending so much money on take out and eating from a box
I get it. 
Cooking can feel like one of those unsurmountable tasks. Especially when you never really learned how and there are so many ‘faster’ options these days. 
But faster doesn’t mean better. 
When you learn the basics you can actually create meals in less time than it takes the delivery driver to get to your door. And even better you get to create meals that fit your exact tastes and needs. 
Cooking has the power to change your life. I don’t say that lightly. 
It has the power to change the way you look at food and your overall relationship to it. 
Imagine being able to just throw things together in the kitchen and have it taste good because you're confident in all your cooking skills.
Imagine going to the grocery store and buying what you need based on what looks good and intuitively knowing how to put a meal together. 
You look at everything at the farmers market or in the produce aisle and you know how to cook pretty much everything. You get to decide what you’re going to create.
While you’re cooking you tastes something and just know what it needs to take it from flat to fabulous 
Cooking CAN be easy and less stressful when you turn it into a regular habit and have the skills and techniques in your back pocket.
No one is born a great cook.  
And it’s not that you can or can’t cook. It’s that you choose not to cook. 
What it takes is practice and developing a new habit that fits in your life.
And when you can develop these skills and habits in the kitchen you have them for life. 
That’s where I can help.
I created this online program to get you cooking like a pro in just 5 weeks!
I will walk you through all you need to transform you from being someone who struggles in the kitchen to someone with total confidence. 
When we finish our 5 weeks together you’ll be able to come home from work (or maybe your already thinking about dinner in through the day like me πŸ˜‰ ), open the fridge and whip up something healthy and delicious without much effort at all. 
You’ll be able to impress your family and friends and even enjoy having people for dinner because you’ll know what to make, how much to cook and how to make it taste good!
This is different from most cooking classes because I’m teaching you the fundamental habits to make cooking a regular part of your day….like showering or tying your shoes πŸ™‚ 
I break it all down; shopping, pantry set up, seasoning, flavour pairing, basic cooking techniques and building your kitchen intuition into practical steps that you’ll understand, building life skills you’ll have forever!
This program is all about developing new habits so I’ll be teaching you to shift your mindset and look at your kitchen in a new way. 
We'll be focused on a new skill to practice with videos, recipes and more to build on each week:
Week 1: Knife Skills & Seasoning
Week 2: Stovetop Cooking; Master sautés, pan searing, blanching and properly searing with each technique
Week 3: How to Roast Everything
Week 4: Mastering The Sauce
Week 5: Slow Cooking & Braising
We start small and build week by week so you’ll be your own kitchen ninja by the end of the program and I’ll be there with you ever step of the way! Plus you'll have the content forever so you can make it fit into your life and come back to it anytime.
I promise to take away all the anxiety and stress you feel around the whole cooking process so you come out of this 5 weeks with total kitchen confidence! 
When you have the confidence in basic techniques, you can break the rules and create your own masterpieces anytime.
And because I believe cooking is all about community, you'll have lifetime access to our facebook community where we continue to build on our skills and support each other. I'll be in there every month with new recipes, more tips and tricks and answering any questions. Also how cool is it that as you learn you can then help our new members whenever as they join us. 
Here's just a few things you'll learn to cook;
  • The perfect roast chicken
  • Pan seared pork chops with maple mustard pan sauce
  • Classic enchiladas
  • Panko crusted tofu
  • The magical multipurpose white sauce
  • Perfect pulled pork
And so many techniques to give you the confidence to create your own masterpieces in the kitchen!


- 5 weeks of straightforward lessons focused on building basic skills and habits in the kitchen and how to approach cooking in a simple, logical, FUN way!

- learn fundamental cooking techniques to help you feel more empowered in the kitchen. When you master these you can cook anything!

- learn my approach to weeknight cooking; a combination or inspired meal planning (with recipes) and improvisation on the fly - because, real life!

- weekly how to videos 


- roadmap to real food guide

- streamlined grocery shopping

- stocking your pantry like a pro

- knife skills 101

- learn flavour combinations and master your spice cupboard 

- tips and hacks for getting creative and making meals without a recipe


- weekly accountability and support

- lifetime access to the private facebook community plus weekly giveaways and prizes...who doesn't love prizes? 

- weekly live group Q&A with yours truly to answer any questions

- bonus resources and ideas for entertaining, weekends, and batch cooking.

- BONUS Free access to my Sourdough 101 Class ($97)

Are you ready to have more fun in the kitchen? 

When you can change how we approach food and cooking, everything shifts. When it becomes a habit it stops feeling so hard to manage and maintain.


Do you want to feel more energized and connected everyday? 

What you eat plays a huge part in that so let's get you back to enjoying food again rather than worrying about structured meal plans or complicated recipes. 



Q: How is this different a meal plan?

A: The problem with meal plans is they can feel too structured and life gets in the way to follow them exactly week to week which is often why people give up on cooking all together. The idea of this program is to help you develop the skills and habits in the kitchen that will support your specific lifestyle. By the end of it you'll know who to fit cooking into your everyday routine and it won't feel like a chore or overwhelming. You'll be able to pull together a meal in any situation whether it's planning your meals for the week or make something on the fly. You'll even feel confident to have friends for dinner on the weekend! 

Q: What if I don't even know how to boil water?

A: Perfect. We're starting with a blank slate and this is for you! The program is designed to help you go from knowing nothing in the kitchen to feeling confident. 

Q: How is this different from taking a class in person?

A: The thing about classes that you take in person is you learn it in the moment but sometimes you walk away and if you don't put it into practice right away the learning gets lost. This program is built to have the weekly accountability to help you take action and practice what we're learning right away. You also have the ability to ask questions as you go through the program so you'll have that extra level up support as you're learning. And when you sign up you get all the resources for life! You can go back to them anytime if you forget something or need a little refresher. I'll also be updating the course with new things to keep it as current and helpful as possible based on your feedback.

Q: When does the program start?

A: Anytime you want! After you sign up you'll receive a Welcome Package that runs through how everything will work along with prep week resources to make sure you're ready to go. After that take the course on your own time. I'll always be doing lives and answering questions along the way so you'll be supported, always! You'll also have access to the content forever so you can go back to it whenever you want. 

Q: Will I learn to cook gluten free/vegan/paleo/vegetarian?

A: No. This isn't for specific diets, instead it's all about cooking techniques and using them to work for your own tastes. I don't believe in diets. What I do believe in is empowering you with skills in the kitchen so you can make the choices that work best for you. With any of the recipes I'll always talk about possible substitutions but the focus is always on real food and techniques in the kitchen. 

Q: What if I can't cook at home every night? 

A: No problem! Again this is meant to be flexible for your real life so the lessons are flexible with 3 recipes for you to try through the week whenever works for you. You can cook one or you can cook them all. The idea is to get you experimenting and trying new things in a sustainable way.

Q: What if I'm a really bad cook?

A: I'll change your mind on that one. Everyone of us has a natural intuition when it comes to cooking. My job is to show you how to tap into that, teach you all the techniques you'll ever need, plus give you the space and support to practice and build your confidence. 

Q: What if I can't attend the weekly lives?

A: These are recorded and kept forever in the group so you can go back and watch them anytime. You can also post all your questions in the Facebook group and I'll be in there regularly to answer them as they come up. 

Q: What's the cost?

A: The price is $249 for 5 weeks of fun with me plus a lifetime of kitchen skills. And you'll be a part of the facebook community for life where there'll be something new to learn every month.

Q: How do I enter the giveaways?

A: Show up. Share your photos in the group, post questions, and support the tribe. The more you show up the more entries you'll get. And even better if you share on social media using the hashtag: #backtobasics

Come cook with me!

Eating Well Can Be That Simple. Let me show you how.


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